Monday, November 4, 2013

"Referential" by Lorrie Moore

"Referential" by Lorrie Moore is one of this year's Best American Short Stories. It is also inspired by yesterday's read, Nabakov's "Symbols and Signs." In fact, it could be called a modern day "Symbol and Signs" with all the modern day complications weaved into the plot.

Those with a New Yorker subscription, read it here:

And here is a link to a PDF for the rest of you:;%20name=%22Referential%20by%20Lorrie%20Moore%20after%20VN_Signs&Symbols.pdf%22&N=Referential%20by%20Lorrie%20Moore%20after%20VN_Signs&Symbols.pdf&attachment=q&XSS=3.

Lorrie Moore

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