Thursday, January 23, 2014

"Why I Don't Say Hello In the Grocery" by Hedy Zimra

Hedy Zimra is a friend who is no longer with us. Here is her bio. I found it online, beneath another story she published, in 2008. It says the world about her.

"Hedy Zimra lives in Suzhou, China with her lovely children, ruggedly handsome husband and intersex dog. In the mid-1990s, she once made up a story to appear on a second-rate daytime talkshow. She has also published some fiction."

Anyway, I had occasion to think of her today. This led to reading her stories.

"Why I Don't Say Hello In the Grocery" is my favorite.

Although, I've read it over and over again, only today did I notice the "listen to this story option." I feel like I've been hand-delivered a small beautiful miracle, on this ordinary day in January.

Hedy Zimra and Karen Uhlmann


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  2. Chantal, I am Hedy's mom and last night, I stumbled across "A Short Story a Day". While I've read "Why I Don't Say Hello in the Grocery" many times, I never knew Hedy had a recorded version. The first time I listened I didn't think it was Hedy speaking. I listened again and I knew it was her. You allowed me to hear my daughter's voice for the first time in over 3 years. Thank you. Thank you. Lisa

  3. Hello Lisa, Thank you for reaching out. Your daughter was an exceptional woman and an exceptional writer. The true credit for your listening experience, however, goes to PANK magazine. But, I am glad to have helped you to find your way to them. xo