Wednesday, February 19, 2014

An Excerpt from "Madeline's Birthday" by Mavis Gallant

Does it seem to you that we are losing many of our most talented artists this winter? Mavis Gallant has passed this week, at the age of 91. The literary world was lucky to have her.

Here's an excerpt from "Madeline's Birthday" from npr books. An excerpt, only, because I'm hoping you'll be inspired to buy the whole The Cost of Living collection.

Here's one of my favorite sentences from this piece:

"Had Edward Tracy been there, the day could not have been started with such verbal economy. 'How's my girl?' he would have asked Allie, even though it was plain she was quite well."

For more of Gallant's work, check out The New Yorker's archives.
Mavis Gallant

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