Monday, March 3, 2014

"Wasteland, Wasteland, Wasteland" by Claire Vaye Watkins

I've been told, time and again, that I need to read Battleborn, by Claire Vaye Watkins, a woman raised in the Mojave Desert, and of whom Nevada is very proud, and rightly so--her collection has won numerous prizes and much acclaim--but I haven't yet had the chance. So, while I wait for the collection to arrive (I ordered it, today, from Sundance Books) I've sought out other works by Watkins.

Here's "Wasteland, Wasteland, Wasteland" from The Kenyon Review, an interesting story that capitalizes on the mystery and secrecy of government business in the desert--think Area 51. The town Watkins describes within "Wasteland..." reminds me of any I've stopped in for gas and food on my way to California: Creepy; and sad; and so mysteriously fascinating that you would love to hang around and explore if you didn't feel like doing so might cost you your life..

Or listen to it here.

Claire Vaye Watkins

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